Plantapol, the company
PLANTAPOL, S.L., established in 1982 offering natural and healthy products.

A long road to today’s, where our professionals know perfectly the different market and our client needs which let us to occupy an optimal positioning into our sector at national and international level.

We develop a wide range of dietetic, cosmetic, sport and spa products under our trademark, not only for our national market but as well for markets situated in Europe, America, Middle East and Africa.

Our departments of R+D+I, laboratory, quality control, technical, marketing, design besides the continuous extensive training to staff and combined with our modern infrastructures in our three production plants in Zaragoza and Barcelona, allow us to offer a flexibility in size production and a wide variety of products and packaging that our customers demand.

We count on the collaboration of prestigious healthcare professionals that research, analyze and prescribe our products, always looking for new synergies for final customer.

In PLANTAPOL, S.L., we listen to demanding and concerned by the nature people, which demand healthy and natural products.

Our vision: a healthy and sustainable development future.
Plantapol headquarters
Pol. Ind. Malpica Alfindén, G18
50171 - La Puebla de Alfindén - Zaragoza - ESPAÑA
T. (+34) 976 455 105 · F. (+34) 976 108 539 ·
T. (+34) 976 455 106 · F. (+34) 976 455 107
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