Aloe vera

Aloe vera
Hand cream
Hand cream
Ref: C 477

Hands and Nails repairing cream. High protection for damaged hands by
hard works, environmental conditions or aggressive substances. Protects,
nourishes, moisturizes and softens dry and damaged hands.

Facial cleaning gel
Facial cleaning gel
Ref: C 475

Indicated as make-up remover and facial cleaner.

Body gel
Body gel
Ref: C 493

Tonifies and moisturizes deeply, leaving skin more soft, elastic and flexible.
From its formula, Aloe Vera and Sea water provide a great relief sensation
after shaving, depilation or sunbath.

Body milk
Body milk
Ref: C 430

Hydroprotector, regenerator and nutritive emulsion. Indicated for all kind of
skins. Provides a non oily and fresh touch, not fat. Keeps the skin humidity
level stable, recovering its elasticity and firm aspect.

Aloe+Snail Dribble
Aloe+Snail Dribble
Ref: C 447

Hydroprotector, regenerator and nutritive emulsion. Indicated for all kinds
of skins. Its content in mineral salts, glycolic acids, elastin, allantoin and
vitamins, makes it a high quality and effective product.

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